Tuesday, June 8

Trip to Penang, Malaysia

My very first trip to Malaysia back in 2007 was not to their world-famous capital, Kuala Lumpur.  Instead, my friends and I spent a whole day discovering the much low keyed city of Penang.

Arriving at the pier from Thailand

Taking a trikshaw, their local transportation. 
Although to go around, best still to take the cab.  
Low exchange rate makes it very affordable.

Weld Quay Floating Village

Something unique to Penang is the survival of water villages.  Originally intended as a water settlement for Chinese migrants in the early 1900s they have now become a popular tourist staple for the city.

 Despite the fact that these houses were built on water stilts, 
lookie here they have air conditioning. Hee

Reclining Buddha (Wat Chayamangkalaram Thai Temple) along Burmah Lane, Penang

Malaysia is the land of temples.  And a definite must-see when in Penang is the Reclining Buddha. A 33-meter long statue that represents Shakyamuni Buddha at his death.  I was a bit uneasy to cam whore right away seeing that the place held some sort of sacred religious meaning for others.  Some urges were hard to control but we tried to maintain a certain level of decorum and avoid taking photos of some areas.

Coming from the courtyard, two ginormous green guard statues will greet you.

Inside, you will find the 33-meter long reclining Buddha, along with other Buddhist artifacts.

Behind the temple is a small Thai village and a Thai cemetery.

Dharmikarama Burmese Temple

And just around the corner from the Reclining Buddha you will find this famed Burmese Temple, which is also worth the very short side trip. (Hey you're already there, might as well, it's right next door)  The temple, built by Nyonya Betong, is dated all the way form 1803.


Dharmikarama is the very first Burmese temple in Malaysia.  There are numerous points of interests: the pagoda Sime Hall (with the gigantic Lord Buddha's statue inside), the Shrine Hall and a rather difficult-to-shoot-at wishing well. 

Entrance to both temples were free of charge.

Off to some shopping along Penang Road

One of the things I really loved there was the fact that our cab driver took us to one of the malls near the pier and they had the vastest VNC (Vincci) shoes I have ever seen. At one third the price.  Me and the girl friends of course did what any sane woman would do in such a situation. HOARD! HOARD! HOARD!


  1. i havent been to penang in 15 years!! i must make a visit!

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