Saturday, June 5

30 before 30 Checklist

   My to-do-list snapshots   

# 10. Surfing Safari.  When in Hawaii, you must hit the waves.  I think even I was surprised that I got to stand up on the board.  Awesome feeling while riding the waves, not so much when your face hits the water upon wiping out.  For only $50, the whole experience was definitely worth it.

#11. Scuba diving.  There was a little pressure on my ears on the first dive.  Good thing, we tried it again the next day.  Really made me appreciate all the wonderful under the sea sights.

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  1. shall we do #20 (Donsol) this November??!?!?! :D

  2. Yes let's pls!! Ive already checked rates at cebu pac, super cheap, like 3++ only :) and there's a long weekend coming up at nov 27 - 29.