Friday, June 25

Surfing in La Union

On our trip to Hawaii,  Happy Feet and I relish the thought of hitting the waves and standing on those damn long boards.  Fortunately we were able to cross this one off our bucket list.  So on our just concluded road trip to La Union, I made sure that Hubby gets to experience the same awesome feeling that is surfing.

San Juan, La Union 

If you're coming from Manila, you have to make that choice, do the whole 5-6 hour drive or take a sweet 1 hour plane ride to La Union.  I much prefer the latter truth be told, I have a very delicate butt cheeks that can't stand prolonged seat exposure, maybe next time. Hee.  And so after almost 300 kilometers, 4 bathroom breaks, 2 lunch stops and 1 gas refill we finally reached our destination.

Iamsimmy and Poletsky decided to sit this one out. And so it was down to just the three of us.  For a mere Php 200 you get to rent out the long boards + a surf instructor.  That's a good $46 short from what we paid in Hawaii *hmp!*

Hubby learning how to stand on the board

The kids there relayed that during November & December season, the swell of the waves reach all the way to 7 feet. Whoa!  That should be amazing!  But for that particular Monday, we were treated with its mini wave counterparts.  I actually preferred the La Union setting than in Hawaii.  Why? Simply because lazy blogger here hates the paddling part.  And in Hawaii we were super far from the shore before we tried to ride the wave, paddling played a major role in the whole activity, which my lazy arm muscles did not approved of.

At first, good friend, Mae was a bit wary to just let go and stand on the board.  The fear was making her wipe out even more.  But after a few minutes of wiping out and finding out that the eventual fall on the water really wasn't that hard, she got the hang of it and was able to catch good waves with ease.

Mae, looking like a pro!

Here's some more snapshots:

Wiping Out

Almost falling...

       Good thing, I found my balance

I'm really loving this summer, all the travelling is making me a true-blue junkie!
Cebu: Check, Japan: Check, Boracay: Check, Poro Point: Check
Can't wait for Pearl Farm and Shanghai!


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