Tuesday, April 14

A Brand New Day

After months and months of planning, canvassing, meeting with architects and engineers, haggling, scoping or just plain 'ol driving the fiance nuts with gazillions of design trivia, TODAY marks the first day of our big house renovation. With just three hours of sleep (blaming myself for picking last night as the night to marathon season 2 of Brothers and Sisters) got up at 7 this morning, excited for the fiance to pick me up to meet our crew. Sigh. It's like the first day of high school all over. Sheer delight!

possible tile choices??

AND I thought I was bridezilla with my OC-madness but this house project has taken the OC-ness to a whole different level. Yes, sometimes I think the fiance wants to take back the ring from sheer exasperation. "Bee, kahit anong color ok lang, promise!" This, after the 5Oth time that I have tried to explain the science behind the dirty kitchen's color scheme. It has actually come to the point wherein I would much rather spent the entire afternoon walking around Home Depot looking for the perfect wood laminates or wall tiles than hang around with actual people. It's a bad case of addiction. With the BFF, who works in publication, as my drug dealer and copies of MY HOME magazines as the perfect drug. Must be strong. MUST MUST try to act normal!

Tiles from Tau Ceramic located at Ortigas Home Depot

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