Sunday, April 12

Happy Easter!!

Hey guys, apologies for not posting anything in awhile. There were a lot of Holidays the past two weeks and most everyone I know kinda took advantage of those off days.

Just got back from a three day stay at the fiance's place in Tagaytay. Call it a little practice vacationing with the in-laws before we're officially Mr. and Mrs. I hate traveling anywhere by land during holy week. Traffic sucks big time. And slex is a far cry from the smooth pavements of sc-tex. Imagine, it took us 3 hours to reach home sweet home in Tagaytay. That's an hour and half over the average rate! Gawd!


I MISS family computer games. Thanks to my future brother in law, I got a chance to act like I'm 13 again and play THE Super Mario Brothers (the old school version, of course), Twin Bee, B-Wings, Gradius and a whole slew of early 90's game. Sweet sweet memories!

I love hanging around at BFF's place. From bbq grills to hot pot sessions, luau to dessert parties, game and poker nights to just plain ol drinking spree, it has become the gang's own series' IT place. Just before breaking for the three day holy week-end, the gang was once again at BFF's place to gorge on yummy catered food. Ahh love it!

I have this weird love-hate relationship with Facebook. It's like being in rehab. I absolutely despise it but for the life of me, I cannot not check my account time and again. My first beef against the friendly social network is the barrage of updates one gets through the mail. In fact I have permanently tagged all emails from this site as spam. And while I know curiosity is almost second nature to this generation, no one really needs to know what you just ate/drank/watched/saw/heard/felt every five minutes. Not to sound like a hypocrite (seeing that I blog about my misadventures from time to time) I am not against wanting to broadcast to the world how fun snowboarding is or what not, BUT have a little restraint there, buddy. No one gets off by knowing you just chowed down a bowl of cereals or a can of Pringles. I refused to believe that we are a generation capable of making the mundane daily routines the highlight of one's day. There's got to be more to life, right? Hmm.

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  1. Nice.. looks like you had a fun holiday!!!!!!

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