Wednesday, April 1

Happy April Fools

Happy April Fool's!!!

Just got back from having dinner with the fiance and Dupree. Of course, talk soon turned to house renovating. I seriously am getting way too excited about this project! The past two weeks, since we started with the demolition, I find myself laying awake at night just thinking about everything from the finishings, to the divisions but most especially the color scheme.

I spent this afternoon meeting with my interior designer friend Jezer (who worked on an event I organized back when I was still with Nestle) and thanks to his help I have finally narrowed the choices to three tones. The color scheme for our kitchen and of course the overall look for our house is starting to have a cohesion. Yay! This wouldn't be such a problem, me thinks, if I have spent more time during our Home Economics class listening to the damn color wheel. But with so many choices out there in the market, it can make anyone have 2nd, 3rd and even a million doubts. I can't wait to start buying furnitures!! Hehe

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