Tuesday, February 3

End of an Era

Definitely an exaggeration from major drama queen, but it does feel like the end. Anxiety creeps in all of a sudden. And you feel like it’s the last few days of high school all over again. There’s this exhilaration from finally completing an excruciatingly challenging program, yet at the same time it’s coupled with this gnawing pain from knowing that in just a few days it will all be over.

21 months. 21 months that have turned 15 (then 25) strangers from mere colleagues to something worthy of more than just a Multiply shout out (hmm hence the R&R to follow!!!). And in less than 12 days you guys will all go your separate ways. Fortunately or unfortunately, uncertainty keeps you from thinking about that in the meantime. For now, the high from last week’s adrenaline-pumping-zero-sleeping back to back events is still lingering in the air. And yes a whole day is STILL not enough to earn those lost shut eyes back!

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  1. Nice, and I agree!!!!
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