Friday, February 20

Couch Potato Series: American Idol Picks 3

As predicted they picked out the “dirty” girl Alexis to move on. She is one lucky contestant, had she been grouped in the next batch of 12s she would be in serious trouble. There are some massive female talents on that 2nd batch.

Danny Gokey, predictably, got in. Argh I really can’t stand him. And I hated the fact that newbie judge Kara was all pumped up that she actually called him her “hero” after his performance. Blah!

Michael Sarver, one of two blue collar worker in the competition, was the fan favorite. Or was it Danny Gokey and Michael was the top male contestant for this batch?? Whatever. I love Michael. I think he has a sweetheart for a face. Tough yet very adorable. BUT … I wanted Anoop Desai to get into the Top 12!

Sigh! I hope he gets picked on the Wild Card performance.

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  1. I really only watch AI cuz some scenes are funny - the good singers only give me goosebumps.... Yup, even when I was watching THIS IS IT, MJ's older voice gave me goosebumps cuz its like someone else is singing the songs....

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