Friday, February 6

Looking Back: 2009 National Sales Kick Off

Just got back from an overnight trip at Pampanga with some friends. So far I am loving February - nothing but adventures and vacations. Serious work will soon haunt us down but for now, we’re enjoying our last few days of surrealism.

On Sunday, the batch would be flying to Dumaguete for our much needed R&R. The yearly tradition of CMT graduates after every kick-off.

I mentioned the last time around that we were the organizing committee for this year’s Sales Convention, here are some snippets of the behind the scene preparation.

What: MAVP Shoot
Where: Abandoned Alabang Factory
Wear: Our Kick-Ass Adidas jackets

What: Teambuilding Simulation
Where: Le Pavillion, Café Adriatico
Wear: Athletic “gear”

What: Teambuilding Proper
Where: Le Pavillion

This is the event I co-championed with Kaka and of course our main man Carlo. Dear friend Jezer took care of all the production requirements. A lot of blood, sweat and thankfully no tears were shed during the preparation for this day. Definitely a fun fun time for the three of us. Something we all would be looking back at when we are assigned our permanent post.

Sigh I really need to sleep early tonight. I unwittingly agreed to go on this trekking trip. 4:45am call time?!?! Wishing I can back out now!

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Well, treeking is not so bad, the hardest part is waking up early w/out falling back into bed!!!!

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