Tuesday, February 17

Wedding 101: The Gown Designer

Hmmm nothing seems to excite brides more nowadays than the thought of wearing those perfectly laced/beaded/poofed/trained bridal gown. I, however, am finding it hard to choose from all the designers available. I only have one rule, I want it to look like it was made for a rockstar!!

1. Puey Quinonez - The first on the list of designers I wanted to meet. Chalked it up to admiring Cheska Garcia's gown but I couldn't help but be all gaga about this one. This was one meeting I was truly excited about. Hmm I think I even put on my power-me-up lip gloss eventhough I knew he's gay. The good thing about him is that he will draw for you. Not his best effort of course, he saves that until you booked him. But at least you get a sense of what kind of designer he is and if he is the one man for you. (hee) Another plus point is that he seems to listen to your suggestions, early signs that he is easy to work with.

$$$: Not as expensive as I thought, Php 100,000 for the bride, Php 250,000 for the entire entourage including the moms.

2. Veluz Reyes - I have been stalking her blog for ages. Love the intricacies in her designs. A bit too girlish for me though, so thought it best to meet up with her first. And whatdoyouknow she whips out this absolutely adorable, i cant-believe-it's-so-me design. I went with my best friend and fiance (who of course will just feign interest, he doesnt need to know the difference between tulle from lace) and the best friend agrees that the detailing on the skirt is just so rockstar-wannabe-ish. In other words, perfect for ksp's like me :) (wink) Too bad though that she is fully booked for the entire month of December hence she can't accept anymore entourage orders. Wonder if I can still squeeze in a mom or two there.

$$$: I don't know her average rate but because of the detailing in the gown she designed cost would be around Php 93,000.

3. Paul Cabral - The motherload of designers. I swear his place was just too swanky, me and the fiance were whispering when we got there (afraid to break anything!) I have been bringing my laptop in all my meetings, you know to show the designer the look and feel I was going for... normally they are very receptive of the idea with Paul, hmm, how did he break it to me gently??

Paul: You know, for that design kelangan matangkad ka (ouch! short of saying I was bansot!) or you should at least wear a four inch heels (double ouch, the fiance was there in all his 5'5 glory)
---- . ----
Paul: Can I see your shape?
Jake stands up
Paul: I-curve mo yung dress para I can see the silhouette. (Jake does so) Ay, kelangan mo nga ng courset. (Ouch ouch, not only am I short, I apparently am too fat that I would need an 18th century restricting woman's fashion as part of my gown.)

Jake: I want really long train ah, mga from this to that.
Paul: Ay, hindi kaya sa budget. Shmpre pag may train kelangan may mga details. Ang panget, parang kumot pag plain lang. (Ok, ok, im short, fat and now I am poor... sigh! wink)

But i sort of appreciate all these. At least he tells you as is. If you do book him there won't be any confusion as to what the agreement is/was and you're assured that you're wedding gown really is suited for your body type. After all not everyone can have Heidi Klum's body.

$$$: Php150,000 starting cost for the bridal gown. His entourage package which runs up to Php 250,000 only includes the MOH, 2 bridesmaids and 3 flowergirls. (You can nego for the secondary sponsors or the mothers but he cannot accomodate both for that price)

One more designer to meet and it's decision time. Tick tock tick tock.

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