Thursday, March 26

How to Survive with a Thousand Bucks

What can unemployed slackers do to pass time and earn a few bucks in the process? Why, attend an FGD of course! Since the fiance and I are still in the process of setting up our business and it won't make me any moolahs until June, I have to look for clever ways to keep the spendings at a minimum.

The Challenge: Live off for Php 1000 in a month's period.

The Result

Week 1:
Tuesday. Wednesday. Lunching with former workmates.
Cost: Php 125.00

Thursday. Friday. Malling. Watching of Watchmen!
Cost: Php 0.00 (Ok, so the fiance paid for this one! Hey I never said that wasn't allowed!)

Saturday. Engagement party at Gloria Mariz
Cost: Php 0.00 (thanks mil and fil!)

Week 2:
Monday. Met with my girlfriends for some coffee and movie.
Coffee: Php 150 buy one take one, courtesy of the Belldejour diary coupon.
Movie: Php 120. Matinee screening of The Unborn, way cheaper than primetime screening!

Tuesday. Wednesday. Overseeing house renovation and grabbing of halo-halo with the fiance
Cost: Php 0.00

Friday. Saturday. Partied with friends. Free drinks! Free munchies. Free company!
Cost: Php 0.00 - - Sigh i love birthday parties!! (I used up the Rustan's GC I got last Christmas to buy them gifts - so that still doesn't count!)

Sunday. Malling with parents
Cost: Php 0.00

Week 3:
Monday. Tuesday. Hanging out at boyfriend's house
Cost: Php 0.00

Wednesday. Furniture/House Item window shopping Worldbex
Cost: Php 35.00 (for the Coke)

Friday. Meeting with the wedding stylist. Game night at a friend's house (Cluedo!! is the best!)
Cost: Php 0.00

wondering which tablecloth will be the winner!

Saturday. Sunday. Surprise Birthday Party at Bargot's and fine dining at The winery (surprise proposal)
Cost: Php 0.00

Tomorrow is our high school 10th year reunion which hopefully won't set me back! This Saturday, Pammy is throwing a party at their place. I am loving this month!!

3 more days and I am still way under budget!!!

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  1. Well, lets hope you guys won't get broke ;p

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