Friday, January 8

Because it's a Friday...

... I wish I was cool enough to pull off this look,

Love the tights!  Too bad it's not for sale.
Also love those white patented Doc Marten boots 
(anyone going to HK anytime soon?)
... I found myself stuck in back to back hour long traffic at U.N Avenue.  I just wanted to buy Ajax at the supermarket of Robinsons Place!  Normally that would be a 5 minute drive from our place..Geez!
... I decided to suddenly be in a major desperate housewife-pastar mode and clean the $%^ out of our house.  Mopped the floors, scrubs the tiles, changed the sheets.  Hmm, new career? definitely NOT.
...  I organized our wedding photos for that digital photo frame somebody gave us, only to find out it's apparently broken. Sadness!

On the plus side,

... I was finally able to have our wall decals for the play room printed.  Showing you the runners-up


... I will be meeting with cousins visiting from the States tonight at Suites along Fort Strip to party away the feeling of domestication.

Update: thank you vodka and beer! It's always fun when we meet up :))


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  1. If I were you, chose either the first or the fourth one for the playroom...

    "" where to buy what in Cebu - and it's true!!!! The site is pretty good, people

    just need to post a little more content..