Sunday, January 24

A Not So Pleasant Wake Up Call

Very first maid experience was an epic fail.  Our supposed little angel of a helper has brought us nothing but nightmares, giving us more headaches than all her combined household work is worth.  And to think she only stayed with us for four marvelous days.  $%#^!

Friends have long accused me of being too nice.  And no, this in no way constitutes a compliment.  In fact, it is usually coupled with a much mocked condescension.  "Weak ka kasi e!", "Mabait kasi ikaw mashado, kaya abuso!?!" "Siguro mabait ka noh? Kaya isip niya kayang kaya ka" After the eye rolling, I am often referred to as being weak because I am a firm believer of the age old saying that if you treat someone like you want to be treated, they will graciously do the same with you.  As much as possible I try to be careful when it comes to other people's feelings regardless of social status.  Neurotic as it sounds, I can actually suddenly develop hypothetical allergies at the thought of accidentally hurting anyone's feelings.  I am relentlessly teased about this "weakness" especially when I give people second and third chances despite the obvious.  I have been burned before of course, but I had refused to look at the world with such cynicism, despite openly faking my way as Evil Mastermind and Eternal Pessimist.

And so I naively thought that if I gave our new maid a second chance, after catching her on the act one too many times before, she would stop with the deceptions. (She's a sneaky little minx, I tell you)  But after four days and catching her with more lies, I just couldn't take all the foreseen future paranioa she will undoubtedly bring into our lives.  How can I leave the house for several hours knowing she's there by herself?  How can I trust that our belongings won't go missing one by one? Such and such.

And because she still owes us money, I had the unfortunate task of dropping her off to my parents until she pays at least a portion of the amount (which is roughly equivalent to about 3 weeks worth of household chores)  My worst nightmare came to life when in the middle of the night, around 3am, I got a call from my parents saying they have caught her yet again in another act of transgression.  She stole my dad's cellphone and attempted to hid their house keys to runaway.  All this while my dad sleeps on the couch (because he already got a bad feeling that night that something was about to go down... more of her transgressions)  Que horror!

It was a huge relief that nothing bad happened.  That she was stopped before anything extreme transpired.  But for now, I am paralyzed with this huge wave of trauma.  Dear Hubby still wants to hire a new maid but until I get over the bad taste our first/last maid has left, I, all of my 27-years-of-maid-dependency, will assume responsibility of all cleaning and cooking chores.


  1. I agree - it is hard to find a good one - and if you do, she must be observed... - It's better though to just get a helper... 9:00 am she comes to ur house and cleans and manages it while ur busy, then, when ur home, she leaves at around 5:00 pm, and this only Mondays to Fridays...

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  2. yeah i want one of those, but havent found the right agency that offers part time cleaning ladies only