Sunday, January 17

Dining at the Chef's table

New Year's resolution of losing weight is losing steam once again.  I thought after the holidays the excuse to be gluttons will one by one vanished into thin air (and hopefully bulging hate-handles will soon follow) but as usual I have underestimated my friends and family.  January has been one party after the other.  Hmm then again, with all the yummy food being served I really am in no position to complain.

Last Tuesday, the hubby and I, together with the rest of the always funny Kaw siblings, were treated to a 6-course meal in a dining-by-reservation-only restaurant at Chef's Table with Chef Bruce Lim at the helm.

Getting there is quite a challenge.  But definitely worth all the traffic-stress.

While Chef goes about preparing your food he shares little bits and pieces about himself.  He has apparently taken up culinary schooling at the famed Le Cordon Bleu in London.  And now, he hosts and produces a bunch of things that are featured in among others, the Asian Food Channel, TFC, Studio 23 and ABS-CBN.

Our Menu

Halaan Soup - Super freshed clam shells with a hint of lemony twist to it.

Ceasar salad with Pinaksiw Chicken - The Romanian leaves were torched and topped with chicken paksiw, queso de bola, and ceasar salad dressing. I loooooove the taste of the pinaksiw chicken. I'm not a huge fan of Paksiw but this was one superbly cooked chicken!

Ilocanian steamed Lapu-Lapu topped Kangkong beets sauted in Binagoongan mix.  - The steamed Lapu-lapu is sitting on a bed of mongo-laced sauce.  It sounds off but again, Chef Bruce made a believer out of silly blogger.

Bo Pancit - It's your classic sotanhun with sirloin beef on the side.  While each course is served Chef Bruce tells us a bit about the dish and his inspiration for it.  His menu is mainly classic Filipino food with a twist.

Pork loin Picatta - unfortunately about this time I was too stuffed to try any more.  So the hubby gladly let me off the hook by eating away my share.

Mango Strudel - Fresh mangos rolled in cinnamon sugar and rolled in phyllo dough.  Oven roasted to golden brown and topped with a mango creme anglaise.


Some things you need to know:

1. The restaurant is structured in such a way to cater only to smaller groups.  Roughly for about 12 people at a given time.
 2.You're glass of ice tea is still one-fourth away from being emptied but Mr. Attentive Service Crew makes sure you get your glass filled immediately.
3. All foods are pre-ordered.
4. Chef's Table is open daily except during Wednesdays when they use the kitchen studio to shoot Chef Bruce Lim's numerous shows.
5. Reservations are a MUST. (with a minimum of 2 pax with a maximum of 15 inside the studio)
5. Chef Bruce also offers short culinary courses. Hmm... time to take the cooking plunge?

Note: 6-course dinner would set you back at about Php 1,500 per head.

Chef's Table is located at 1238 E.Jacinto Street, Guadalupe Nuevo Kalayaan road Makati City.
Contact Info: 409-6425, 0918-8871277

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