Sunday, January 18

Trip to Boracay

As mentioned, I spent Christmas at Boracay with family and some friends. Work has been so crazy the past two weeks since the year started that I only found time to post about this.
December 25. Christmas Day.

Woke up really early to finish packing. Our flight was schedule to leave at 10:30AM and since it was Christmas day we of course had to hear mass first. Around 9:30 when mass has ended, we knew we were already running a bit late. Blond moment. I forgot that even domestic flights would require ID. I left my wallet on purpose and decided to just bring some cash and one credit card on my mini coin purse. I begun to panic and started texting my friends who were already there if they were asked for IDs.

Apparently credit card is considered as a valid ID this side of the planet. Whew!

We finally reached Boracay. Love the fact that SEA air takes care of all the transfers as soon as you land.

We stayed at my aunt's hotel, the Grand Boracay Hotel. It's located just besides Tides inside D' Mall. Perfect location for a bum like me. Few steps away from the hotel, you get rows of restaurants to choose from already. Hmm this plug should get me some free rooming there one of these days.
(photos of the hotel)

We pretty much just ate our way throughout the holidays.
1.) Aria - Has the Best Pizzas this side of Boracay

2.) Jonah's - 5th time back in Boracay but Jonah's is still my one MUST stop at place. Too bad they didn't have Avocado shakes when we were there.

3.) Steak House - The brother has been all about the Steak House since we got to Boracay. Unfortunately it takes forever for food to be served that the whole romance with the place fizzles after some time.

4.) Hey Jude - Nice chill spot. Cool music + live DJing on going.

5.) Gasthof's - Yummy yummy seafood! It's hard to get a seat. And if it rains, well you either finish your food in the rain or you forget about it. Guess what we did.... :)

Beach Fashion???
Tank tops, bikinis, scarfs, board shorts, and nerdy glasses?!?

When we got to Boracay, my contacts went haywired. And I had to throw them away. That left me no choice but to wear my geeky glasses everywhere. Thank God I'm engaged!



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