Wednesday, January 7

I Want to Sleep like a Normal Person

I couldn't sleep at all for the past few days. Blaming the 12 day holiday for screwing up my sleeping pattern. Although i must admit, yesterday i couldnt sleep for a completely different reason. Was panicking just a few hours ago that this event we had scheduled for today wont be pulled off without a hitch. So like a total Nazi, I was texting my very accomodating Venues and Logistics person to ensure that breakfast et cetera et cetera would be served for this event at 3 in the morning.

Yes, I should stop taking coffee after 4pm.

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha....

    Very nice... Oh, by the way, the winner for this contest is SUMO SNAX!!!! The last standing was 63 for suo, 60 for doyzkie at 6:00 pm...