Wednesday, January 14

American Idol Kicks off Season 8

I am an American Idol geek slash freak. Except for season 6 wherein the show went snoozefest with boring contestants that I had no choice but to skip the season - I pretty much saw every episode of AI THRICE since season 1.

January 14 was definitely red marked on my calendar. AI premiered finally! Thank you Jesus!!!

Day 2 Pheonix Audition

Kara dio Guardi - The New Guy

There's a new judge in town. And she bites! When the bikini wearing contestant (Katrina Darrell) belted out a seemingly good rendition of an uptempo song - she instantly puts her down. Claws out now! Even more claw scratching when she issued this disclaimer "This is not one of those, oh she's pretty that's why I am saying this.." lines. When Ms Bikini wearing contestant attempted to raise the pitch a notch higher, Ms thang' judge decided to sing along with her to show her up. Unfortunately Ms Bikini wearing contestant proves to be a bitch as well and decided to talk/claw back. "Your demonstration wasn't any better" She quipped. Snap!

Asides for that tension filled moment - one thing notable about tonight's episode is the annoyingly perky 16 year old Lea Marie. Who apparently is a huuge fan of Ms Thang Judge - go figure. I seriously cannot stand perky people. But yes, I have a bunch of friends who are like that whom I have learned to love and accept them...(Meaning: I put on my Ipod and take my early morning coffee to shut out evil perky spirits before my ears are ready to handle such monstrocity) But anyways, back to AI... Seriously this Lea Marie girl gave me the creeps. She was too happy, too giggly. Jumping around and smiling - I really wanted to let out a loud "Hell Yeah" when Simon said afterwards that there wasn't a second during that audition when he wasn't annoyed.
Ooooh one thing Ms Thang did good was that - somehow - by her sheer presence alone - Paula decided to get her act together. No more loony nonsense statements from her - well, at least for now.


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  2. haha! OMG yup she really is hot.. wonder if she'll make it after Hollywood week

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