Sunday, January 11

Here Comes the Bride..

Just got back from 145 Fahrenheit with some of dear Fiance's friends. Talk soon turned to future family life and of course the wedding. I have been so busy lately with planning our Sales Kick-off that I haven't been much of the bridezilla wedding planner I once was.

I sometimes get uncomfortable when people start asking me about the day after the wedding. And no I am not talking about the honeymoon, rather what happens after you guys are already married. It's this whole new world that you have absolutely no clue about sans what you saw from your parents and the TV. I don't even know if I want to continue working or start up my own business. Little major things like that scares the hell out of me for now.

And so while I continue to ponder about soon to be married life's challenges, here are some fluffy wedding detailing that I absolutely am adoring...

Table setting at my sister's friend's wedding.
Venue: Sofitel Hotel
Stylist: Have to get back to you on that one... :)

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