Wednesday, January 21

Wedding 101: The Wedding Planner

Wedding ceremony at my alma mater

I finally have a wedding coordinator. Or a day coordinator is the more appropriate word to use. Awhile ago I had lunch with long time friend Erika, who coincidentally runs her own wedding planning services.

Wedding 101 Q&A:
What do wedding planners do anyhow?

Depends on the services you availed. If you get their entire package, meaning their full wedding planning package prepare to just sit back and relax. All you have to do as the bride is look through gazillions of peg that they would present and the rest will be up to them. So no more racking your brains to come up with a concept or theme, no more endless canvasing for the best deals, no more headaches period. You give them your budget and they will try to work with that or worst case paint you a picture of your sad reality (you know if you're aiming way too high --- "Umm sorry big dreamer, you can't have your Princess Di wedding with a pauper's budget")

Rates for full wedding coordination normally runs from Php 48,000 to Php 80,000

Then there's also the day coordinator, which is the opposite end of the spectrum. I highly recommend every bride-to-be to have one of these, well as the bare minimum anyways. Unless your maid of honor really plans to be a maid for you on your wedding day, best to hire the professional to act as your psuedo-maids (of honor) and see that things run smoothly.
So what do day coordinators do?
Usually they handle all the last minute coordination with your suppliers. As day coordinators their involvement would actually commence as early as two months before (well for my planner it's like that anyways) Table arrangements, registration, and all the other headaches to be encountered will be turnovered to them.

Average cost would be anywhere from Php 20,000 to Php 25,000 for a minimum of 300 guest and additional charge for every 50 pax in excess.

Whether you go for a full blown package, a day coordination package or somewhere in between just make sure that you meet first with your would be coordinator. Try to get a feel if she will be a right fit for the wedding of your dreams. Seriously I have attended weddings with the most unprepared wedding planners, so best be wary when making your choice.

Detalye Weddings and Event Coordination


  1. Hi !

    Was just googling detalye wedding to see reviews coz im also planning to get Erika. How are her outputs in your case? Thanks so much!


  2. Erika's great. She has a lot of contacts and she's very easy to work with. most of her suggestions/reco are based on your theme/motif..galing!

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