Tuesday, July 14

Confessions of a (Reformed) Bridezilla

We were the perfect couple. And yes, I know that sounds so cliched. Or at least sounds like someone in total denial of reality. But we were in the closest to perfection I could imagine relationships to be. We were this two completely different individuals - who led two separate lives, had our own set of friends and our own set of interests. Sure, there were some similarities. We were both adventurous and love to travel together but for the most part, we were the quintessential opposites. He was the yin to my yang, the calm to my crazy. Yet every single time we were together we just kept on laughing and wishing that the day would go on forever. There were no games, no unrealistic expectations and hardly any fights. If any, things are resolved within matter of minutes and have usually become sources of punchlines. We were that annoyingly so-in-love couple.

Then we got engaged.

6 Months after our engagement (ours was a very long engagement which is how we wanted it to be) we decided to start with all our wedding preparations.

And suddenly this massive wave of girly-ness hit my previously sane existence and I began to see flowers as more than just flowers. Of draperies as more than just draperies. And of lights as something more than just the obvious but that which will set the tone for an entire event.

So I set out to plan the perfect wedding for us. Dear fiance tried to be helpful of course, as he always is, but I would have to agree with him now when he says "Guys are far more equipped to handle sudden wedding issues a lot more coolly than girls." Suddenly our near spotless track record begun to show signs of cracking. I would become irritated over the smallest of details. Things that just months, heck even years, before I have professed to the heavens up above that I care nothing about.

Opinions were met with distrust, eagerness were looked upon as the ultimate sign of feigning interest. Small things were magnified. One of my guy friends even correctly pointed out "He's a guy Jakers, he WOULD NEVER know the subtle difference between dark purple and dark plum. AND you don't want him to know either..."

Nobody knows better the stress of planning a wedding than other engaged couples. And the more stranger-engaged-friends I meet the more I realized our shared experiences are nothing unique. Issues do arise over the design concept, the invitations, the tiniest details, yadidi yadida. It's nothing new. Most of them go through the same petty irritations as we have had. And yet the more I hear of the horror stories that was slowly working its way into our relationship the more convince I am that I am losing my mind.

Then one day "we" finally became "we". (Not in the legal sense mind you)

We finally decided to work on everything together. And like the true partner in crime that he is, the fiance tried his darnest to do his fair share of wedding madness. Sure there were still some minor "irritations" here and there but at least now we can just laugh it off.

It's considerably a lot quieter nowadays.

And no, that's not the calm before the storm. After all the bickering we, more importantly I, have finally realized it's just a day - - compared to the rest of our lives!

P.S. Glad to report we're still that annoyingly so sweet and oh-so-in-love couple.

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