Thursday, July 16

Must Try: Burger Bound

Online chatter this week has led me to my next post.

Last June, after dragging dear friends to Frankie De Leon for their gown fitting we decided to grab a quick and not so light snack at Charlie's Burger. Never mind that we all came from Makati and the Commonwealth area, good friend Pamela wanted to try the burger place and so we blindly went to the Kapitolyo area. I have actually never heard of Charlie's prior to that day. So thanks to Pammy for giving us heads up as always on the hottest IT restos/hole in the wall in the food world.

When we got there, the place was packed - which surprised lil ol me. The neighborhood was very unassuming. In fact, I thought it was quite cool that there was a car wash right besides the place. This indeed is the perfect spot for Dear Fiance (what with his car obssession!) and co-marketer's dream Arnold Suarez (who really did have his car washed).

For our first try we ordered: Fish and Dip, Buffalo wings and their Angus Beef Burger (which for some reason I always thought was their Wagyu Burger. Sigh)

Verdict: Best to share the Fish and Dip and Burger. The serving size is just way too big, especially for yours truly who's under a wedding-gown watch. I was not a huge fan of their fries. I like my fries to be really toasted and skinny - think Twister Fries! But their Buffalo wings, according to friends were fantabulously yummy.

Charlie's Burger is along Kapitolyo Pasig. Near the Tropical Hut (Shaw cor. Pioneer)

Rating: 3.5/5.0

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