Wednesday, July 8

A Dog Day Afternoon

Gone are the days wherein parties are thrown purely for, umm, well human beings. Now that more and more women are ruling the corporate world, indisposable incomes from this set are being wisely used for a far more frou-frou-ey affair than what their male counterparts would have agreed to.

Last Saturday, one of my good friends decided to throw her beloved Hitler (shiztsu) his first birthday party. And where better to do that than the ever so dog-friendly Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Fort Bonifacio-Hi Street. There were gifts. Cakes. Candles. It was like anyone else's 1st birthday - Except it was Hitler's! Five stranger dogs were forced to party by their wannabe-desperate-housewife-moms. Soon, other stranger dogs joined in on the fun.


  1. haha.. hitler star of the day!

  2. Hi. I'm making an article for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf about the shop being a dog-friendly store and I was wondering if I could include your story in it.

    You can reach me at or at +639175224624. :)

    Thank you.

  3. hi annabelle, sure no problem :)

  4. and just in case you have any questions or need more photos just email me at or leave a comment here...

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