Monday, July 6

Behind the Scenes

As promised, here are the behind the scenes look from our photo shoot with Adidas. It's for their 2009 UAAP collection. Here in the Philippines, college basketball is probably the only sports that gets huge ratings when telecast. Adidas has wisely marketed their brand by tapping the two fiercest rivalries in the sports, De La Salle University vs. Ateneo De Manila University.

Of course, we all know who wins right? Animo! Hehe

jean, pre-make up

our manager
striking a pose... time to channel the inner top model

waiting for our duo shots

Larry Fonacier


  1. Wow Jake you're now a model na pala :)

  2. haha i think i posted a "will work for GC" sign outside of Adidas haha

  3. Nice

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