Tuesday, March 9

2010 Oscar fashion

I thought Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did a great job hosting the 82nd Academy Awards.  I had a few apprehensions when it was first announced, but minutes into their opening I was laughing so hard with Hubby, all apprehension flew away.

Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, the list of awards go on and of course, these are the really important ones.  But heck like most people, I tune in for the fsahion as well.  And this year, there were a lot of hits and a few misses.

The Good

Sandra Bullock in Marchesa's.  She finally got it right after some horrible messes this past awards season.  I love whoever did her hair and make-up.  It made her look twenty years younger AND not in a fake-cosmetic way, mind you.
I love Zoe's Givenchy gown.  It's so poofy and puffy and the color is pretty amazing as well.

Another Marchesa's gown for the Best Actress nominee.  I love the Fuschia shade although I'm still a bit conflicted about the big clam-like details.  It's unique, that's for sure.

She always seems impeccably well dressed.  Demi Moore in Versace.

One of Rachel Zoe's girls. Diane Kruger looks like the picture perfect 1920s star in this Chanel gown.

This is a little weird coming from me, but somehow I look at Miley Cyrus and actually appreciate what she's wearing.  The dress even made her, dare I say, kinda beautiful.

The Bad

And the Ugly

The low neckline, high slit, off shoulder and diamond encrusted pin details are just a bit much. Plus is it just me or did Mariah Carey gained weight again? 

Black lacey gown. I don't know, it was probaby a good idea on paper.  Not so much on Faith Hill.

What was she thinking? Granted a chance to wear Dior would be any girl's dream but what is this? And what are those two things strategically placed on her you-know-what?  Reminds me of a pastry I don't really want to eat.

Photo creds: Time Magazine and justjared.buzznet

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