Friday, March 19

Only in the Philippines

...Would you find massive traffic jam caused by a clearance sale for, get this, CROCS! hee.  And truly as a sign of aging, guess where you can find this silly blogger that afternoon? Why, falling in line with the rest of the clueless masses of course!

I had wanted to get the Hubby a nice pair of Sanouk-like Crocs (picture to be uploaded later) and when dear sister told me she got a hold of VIP passes for the Megatent event, a day before they unleash the 90% off promo gimmick to the unsuspecting public, I gave a resounding "hell yeah, I'll come" to her.

Little did I know VIP means squat.  It was madness.  Three hours in line shopping for something that's not even for me! Sigh.  All for the love of Hubby.  Unfortunately while the VIP pass did manage to let us off the hook from queuing in the dead heat of the sun outside the tent, it did not spare us from the even longer-3-hour line at the cashier to pay for our Crocs.

I tell you, only in the Philippines. Crocs?!?!

Crocs sale at Megatent runs from March 18-20.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, truly only in the philippines...

    "tr3at ur mama 4 free"
    is what it said on the instructions about the new contest for mothers day......