Tuesday, March 2

Project Runway

Lately, I have been sporting a more hobo-ish look.  A survey on my closet reveals that 4 out of 6 newly shopped items are either shredded cover-ups, knee length cardigans or something only a vagabond could love.  But despite my current fashion mood, I am generally loving the 2010 fall rtw collection of Marchesa.  It's prom season here in the Philippines (as the SIL pointed out) and I would have just loved to rock this gorgeous white frilly long gown with the tattoo-inspired shoulder detail, if it was 10 years back.

1. I love asymmetrical dresses.  It gives off that sexy vibe without being over the top. 

2. On the other hand, who can resist frou-frou faux fur/bird feather top design.

3. This I love for obvious reason, it reminds me of my wedding gown heehee...

The 2010 fall rtw collection was inspired by the life of courtesan Lola Montez from her travels to her quest for love.  A lot of whimsical/girly elements that is in true Marchesa fashion. Georgina Chapman is a genius!

Photo creds: Tig-fashion.blogspot.com

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