Thursday, March 11

Lazy Wednesdays

Sundays used to be the primo-lazy day for us.  However ever since we got married, it's been quite hectic.  Lunch is reserved for the parents while dinner for the in-laws.  So one Wednesday last week, we just decided to take back lazy days and do away with our real world jobs.

First stop, have a quick lunch at Charlies Burger.  I loooooooove their Buffalo wings.  Spicy food always do it for me.

Too bad the place was pretty packed and we had to sit outside, spicy plus heat = Hubby sweating buckets.  Second, drive to Tagaytay despite that 35C degree temperature that could cause heat stroke to just about anyone.  Third, act like you're five and go play a little arcade over at Robinson's Tagaytay (kind of surprised that there's nothing much to the mall.  I thought they would put little boutiques at least but nope, it's mostly restaurants and a supermarket)

And finally, be all classy and go snacking at Verbana in Country Suites.

I'm not a fan of unnatural looking/sounding food, which pretty much is just about any dessert a posh restaurant has.  Hubby sure did enjoy eating my share.

I wish it was lazy Wednesday everyday. :)

Verbena, Country Suites
300 Calamba Road, San Jose, Tagaytay City
+ (63 46) 413.2540 (Tagaytay)

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