Tuesday, March 23

A Laker Birthday Surprise

One of my friends is oh so fond with surprises.  So fond, in fact, that last year she threw 3 surprises in a span of 3 days add to that another secret surprise was in the works that we were in on for her behalf :)) Imagine the insanity and hilarity that ensued from trying to keep up pretenses from both of them.  We made her swear to the high heavens that  there would be no more surprises, at least for the rest of 2009.  We just couldn't handle all the lying and confusion 4 surprise parties bring (the 2 real surprises, the faux surprise, and the secret surprise)

And so with that in mind, this year, for her fiance's birthday, she decided to thankfully stick to just one party!  Ahh the sweet smell of less confusion.  Ever the Ms. Organizer and Ms. Pa-picture, dear friend made sure that we all looked picture perfect and had costumes and props prepared all for the big day.

It was awfully sweet.  I'm sure most boyfriends wouldn't mind being surprised with a basketball game on their birthdays.  Complete with free court, referees, competitive players, drinks and hotdogs to boot. (Hmm the last one was more for this blogger)

Did I mention, we had to dress up as the poor man's Laker girls :))

Happy 28th Norvino! :)

P.S. The court looks kinda creepy, noh? But doesn't that just totally bring you back to high school days? hehe

Photos by Pinky Lim 

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