Wednesday, May 26

Conquering Pinatubo

Since I'm on house arrest tonight (damn you stomach cramps!), thought it best to post some much overdue past trips.  This one was taken over a year ago.  One of Hubby's friends organized a hiking trip and probably didn't know any better than to invite sloth-like Wifey.  

There was a 4:45am call time.  And obviously, being the only sane couple in the group, we were the last to arrive.  NO ONE should be perky at this ungodly hour.  But whatdoiknow, I remember Hubby's friends acting like a bunch of Energizer Bunnies, in stark contrast to my very own Dead Man Walking, that morning.  Where do they get all the energy? I wonder. 

It was a three hour drive to get from Manila to lahar zoned Pinatubo.  Good thing though, got to spend the entire time sleeping in the car.  And most likely cursing self for agreeing to hike at this hour!

Upon arrival, we were divided into groups of 4-5 in order to board a 4x4 that was the only salvation to pass the absolutely rough roads before reaching the starting point.

Awesome view and cool rock formations along the way.

Cabusilan Mountain ranges

We took the "skyway" path.  Which our guide, Dino, mentioned was the shorter SMARTER one to take.  Ok, so I might have added/invented the last bit.  Apparently the other route takes an entire day *sheehs* to hike up and requires an overnight stay in Pinatubo.  On the way to the summit, we would pass by random strangers, all of them seemingly like very honest people. But behind the friendly smiles are LIES LIES LIES.  I remember asking not just a couple of strangers how many more minutes to the top and everyone kept on saying "10 minutes away!" Well their watches seem to be waaaaaaay too slow compared to the rest of the watch wielding population.

Finally, after what seemed like a gazillion of 10 minutes, we successfully reached the top.  Ok I must admit, for all the ranting, reaching the summit and seeing the breath-taking view makes me want to eat all my bitchy words.  It was just pure awesome.

After taking a dip at the crater lake, we began our hike back to Mt. Pinatubo Spa.  Great idea by the way to put up a spa at the foothill of Pinatubo.  Of course, I didn't pass on the chance for Ms. Professional Massues to rub away hiking sores.

Hey, even the Hubby enjoyed some mud bath.  How awesome is that?!?

On a sad note, that was the day I had to officially lay to rest my trusty Nike Presto after years of loyal service.  All the mud walking and dirt fighting had finally driven it over the edge.

Contact Info: 0919-2059050 or 8864632

Photo cred: friend's camera.


  1. I haven't posted my own Pinatubo trek! hehehe I remember the guide telling me the peak is 10 minutes away, but the 10 minutes seem endless!! hehe

  2. haha diba ako 1 year delayed :D post naren your other trips! hehe i want to see ur japan pics