Monday, May 10

Rafe's Dream Weaver

I am loving Rafe's 2010 Spring Collection.  Dream Weaver boasts of sophisticated handcrafted bags and totes that showcases the work of a Philippine ethnic tribe T'boli.  According to Rafe Totengco, this particular tribe is known for their craftsmanship in brass casting and traditional weaving, which creates a unique fabric called Tanilak.

The Katherine, $275

 The Karolina, $275


"The fabric is characterized by rhythmically repeated geometric patterns of 
highly stylized human and animal forms, some of which are said to 
represent human figures in traditional housing structures. 
The T'boli weaves this cloth using fibers from the abaca plant, 
a variety of the banana family. The fibers are extracted from the inner 
section of the wild banana plant, dried and separated into strands, 
then joined into long threads needed for weaving."

Photo creds and info: Rafe Totengco


  1. Thank you for posting this. I'm proud to showcase the craftsmanship of the T'boli women through my designs.

  2. it was a great collection, i just had to repost! absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I love it! :) I want one The Karollina!

  4. me ren! but im too greedy, i want them all! hahaha