Monday, May 10

Election 2010

Our very first semi-automated election in the Philippines. Woot!  I am super happy that many friends and acquaintances have exercised their right to vote and took part in this historic event.  According to ABS-CBN news, this year's election had the most number of voter registration EVER with 57 million strong not including overseas registration.  Glad to see that people are excited for a change.  And yes, there were long lines and some confusion but that's expected.  And really now, what is a few hours compared to the next 6 years of our lives right? Hee. Although my lucky sister voted late in the afternoon and it took her only 15 minutes. Drats, mashado kasing excited e. 

Hubby and I voted on separate precincts.  It took us just a little under 2 hours to vote.  Ipod and magazine helped.

Poll watcher: Natapos mo na basahin yung magazine mo noh
Jakers: (carrying two magazines) Pangalawang ulet ko na po tong binabasa
Poll watcher: *shouts to other poll watchers* Sabi ko sa inyo e dalawang beses na raw nyang nabasa! 

I thought it was rather awesome when I inserted my ballot and the machine said "Congratulations, you're vote has been counted."

Hey, maybe next 2014, we could have the registration automated as well!  Here's hoping!


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