Wednesday, May 26

Dining at 7 Corners

I'm all about buffets.  More so, if it's a hotel buffet.  Lately, despite constant ranting of unwanted pounds, the Hubby and I have been on a rather regular foodfest schedule.  And so 2 weeks ago, we were treated to another pound-worthy meal at 7-Corners, Crowne Plaza.

Before the night was over, 7 Corners has been elevated as one of my top 3 best hotel buffets, next to Circles at Makati Shangrila and Spirals at Sofitel.  The selection isn't as wide as Spiral but they more than makes up for it with uber yummy steak choices.  Actually there are more than just steaks at 7 Corners, it boasts of international buffet selection from presuming 7 different corners of the world.  There's: Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Indian, Japanese, American, and of course Filipino food.

I was too stuffed to try, but my brother was able to enjoy their DIY pizza. It's perfect for people who have their own peculiarities when it comes to their pizza-liking. You know, triple cheese, no olives, no anchovies and such.  If you're a fan of Cold Rock, then you'd get a kick out of their dessert station.

Also, if you know anyone with a Privileged Card, best to borrow it.  The card gives you 50% off on Mondays.  That means all these yummy treats for just a little under 800 bucks. Wow!

Location: 3rd flr. Crowne Plaza, Galleria Manila
Contact Info: 633-7222

Note: sorry guys, no food pics this time.  My camera is on its last dying breath hence I haven't been able to take pictures lately. Boo!


  1. i love buffets but always get mad at myself for not being able to eat 500 plates...