Sunday, May 30

Dashboard Confessional Live in Manila

There's just something absolutely thrilling about seeing one of your favorite bands perform.  If you've ever been a fan you would get this.  You stand in line for the longest of time, you stand some more for the duration of the entire show, you glow buckets of sweat, but in the end, when they come out, you pump your fist up in the air like everyone else and scream as loud and wildly as you can.

I remember watching Incubus a few years back.  I got my phone stolen by the end of the night, but it didn't really matter, it never diminished the music-high I got from Brandon Boyd's oh-so-hot performance.

So last night, the Hubby and I rushed to Trinoma grounds to get us some Dashboard loving.  Silly blogger's fan-mania was at its highest.  Having just listened to their songs in the car on the way to the concert grounds, Hubby and I were definitely ready to pump it up.

Side note: I got a little ticked off that the security guys wouldn't let me bring my Canon G9 camera inside.  It's apparently a "professional" camera in their standards. *Sheehs*  Thank gawd my parents live close by and were sweet and awesome enough to bring an extra digital camera for yours truly.

The crowds behind us, the placed was packed!

Chris Carrabba finally emerges on stage!  Girly shrieks ensued!

He sang most of the hits from their past 9 albums.  Including: Belle of the Boulevard, As Lovers Go, and of course their 3 most mainstream songs.

For some strange reason, I couldn't upload the videos I took onto Youtube.  The file's too big or something :O Argh, so posting with links from some other concert goer's camera. Enjoy.

Here's a clip of them playing an OST from Spiderman, Vidicated.

Watch them perform the always crowd pleasing "Stolen"

Hands Down.  I absolutely got goosebumps when I heard this.  "Breathe in for luck..Breathe in so deep..." 


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