Saturday, May 1

BSG Fanatic Alert

I finally got Dear Hubby to watch Battlestar Galactica! *Hooray*  For months now, piles and piles of BSG dvd's have been sitting by their lonesome self, unattended in our game-room, waiting for that fateful day when Dear Hubby finally succumbs to his silly wifey's pressure.  That or take pity on the pile that's starting to accumulate dust from neglect.  Either way was acceptable to me.

And THAT day has arrived, when silly blogger is no longer the only one in our household to understand the meaning behind the words: Frak, Brig, Starbuck, Caprica, and Number 6!  He's still in episode one but I'm seeing signs of early addiction syndrome developing.  I've considerably mellowed from the BSG pow-wows while trying to ease him into the whole BSG phenomenon.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect as well.  Because after months of chasing after the BSG gameboard in Hobbes and other toy shops, I was finally able to get a hold of a set last March. I (literally) had to pry it away from some random stranger's hands.  I know I sound way too geeky, but I promise BSG rocks!

Can't wait to play BSG!
Need to "bribe" girl friends.


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