Monday, May 24

Week in Review

Random stuff that made me smile this week.

1. Yummy-won't-break-the-bank shabu shabu at Thousand Cranes.  They have individual shabu shabu sets for only around Php 280.00.

2. Hanging out with friends at Pammy's 25th redux.

3. Discovering a new must-see TV series. V, a remake from a 1983 mini series, is what's keeping me and the Hubby sleepless for the past few days.

4. Going back to yoga finally after a month of vacation.  Need to get back into shape for #5.

5. Planning for our next beach trip.  Fell in love at first sight with Thunderbird Resort.  How could I not, it's an absolute Mediterranean paradise.  Good thing I have kaladkarin friends I could just drag anytime for this one last summer outing to La Union.

6. To-die-for Shrimp puffs laced with wasabi at Eat Well. *salivating, yum yum* It's unbelievably awesome I swear.

7. Girl's night at Member's Only. Nothing beats going to a Nicole Wisenhunt's show with the words OPEN BAR in everyone's vocabulary.

Gorgeous gorgeous pieces

8. Catching Shrek Ever After with the Hubby. It's still funny!

9. Getting my new purple booties from CMG at half off! Sigh, happiness! (pictures to be uploaded)

10. Getting my monthly magazine rations.  Finally monthly fix of Real Living, Entrepreneur, Cosmo, Preview, Yummy, Topgear, OK, & Yes magazine arrived at our doorsteps.  I am one happy silly blogger.


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