Wednesday, May 5

Hilarious Rumor

After waking up at an ungodly hour for a friend's engagement party, it was pretty much a lazy Sunday afternoon for the Hubby and I.  But of course, this silly blogger couldn't let her Hubby sleep in peace.  While watching The Buzz I saw the picture of my oh so cute newly-born nephew splashed across the screen. *My low pitch shrieks wake up the Hubby*  Before happy fingers began speed dialing my sister's number.

Turns out, a picture of my brother-in-law's friend carrying his baby was picked up by news agencies and totally run with the "whole" story despite shall we say, umm, lack of an actual story.

Totally hilarious and gave my nephew his 20 seconds of fame.

Here's the clip from The Buzz of Iya Villania clarifying the nature of the photo.

Update: Today a friend emailed me that Baby Cody's on the front page of Yahoo.Com.Ph.. Totally bananas!


  1. I finally found your blog yaye!!!

    and they took the video down :(

  2. aaaww crap! i thought i could extend cody's 15 minutes heehee..