Saturday, March 14

Another Friday Night

It started out pretty normal. Got up. Got dressed. Went to check on our house renovation. And then. KABOOM! Sigh there are soooo many anays on our walls. Boohoo. Another set back but today I am filled with optimism. This will not deter June deadline.

Changed top for a friend's party tonight. Again things started out pretty normal. There were a lot of laughter. Oooh just realized, if you once dated someone from your circle you inevitably will run into that person from time to time. Or in my case in every single party there is. Good thing the fiance is pretty nonchalant about the whole thing - even shaking hands with the ex. Awww.

Towards the end of the night there were a lot of glasses breaking, chairs crashing, doors slamming. Even got to a point of tears flowing, v sliding (don't ask!) and some face slapping. Another episode of gossip girl? Nope. Just another Friday Night I guess.


  1. i dont understand mandarin im sorry

  2. ????

    I don't understand what mandarin has to do w/ anything, Pinky.....

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