Friday, March 13

Random Musings: SWF

You all remember Bridget Fonda's character in Single White Female, right? Well, I am the far less attractive real life Alison Jones. *claps hands for self audacity*. I have this SWF-wannabe stalking my every move. And worst copying it and trying to pass it as SWF's own! I would be rolling my eyes at myself also if it wasn't all so true and all so sad. It was funny in the beginning. Friends and I have a laugh about the desperation and question the sanity behind it. But now, it's just getting old. Seriously, hope it's just a passing fancy and that SWF will move on to much much more credible and deserving people to stalk. My name is jakersfakers for gawd's sake. Where's the dignity in stalking someone with that kind of monicker?! Right!


  1. Nice blog ahahahaha

    Hey, I was blog surfing yesterday as I saw a blogging site called They were having a contest about who will win one day at sandtrap for free, all expenses going to yummy cebu.... Well, 2 bloggers were really close, cuz the competition is all about who has the most likes, well, they started out as 8 likes and 7 likes.... 2 weeks later it became 29 and 29... and then until 38 38... and yesterday was the deadline.... at 6:00 pm it stopped... the LIKE WARZ which I watched with amusement ended at the international real time, 6:00 pm. sharp... and Dennies Siongco won, its on the site now... The standing was 63 to 60... and it was a well deserved prize for such an exciting battle.... My verdict, it's good to join - if you write good blogs, well, see what happens? I'll give it a shot next time, maybe I'll end up having a gourmet dinner or a fun day in the swimming pool ,who knows what they're up to............. ;)