Monday, March 2

Hawaiian-scapades: Part 1

Note: I am suffering from major jetlag... It's 5:20am now but I think my body is confused and thinks it's still in Hawaiian time. It's roughly 11 something there in the morning, leaving me wide awake. Argh. So here I am blogging hoping that in the next couple of minutes I can go back to sleep like the normal person I hope I am.


Before you get married, I highly recommend that you go on a roadtrip with a friend. That's exactly what Jean and I did for 8 days, 8 months + prior to my wedding. Although we didn't just go on any "roadtrip", we flew 5,ooo and so miles all the way to Hawaii for our unbelievable adventure (umm... and yeah misadventures, right Jean?).

It's funny really, the "stranger friends" we've met in Hawaii oft commented on how "brave" we both were - to wander so far from the Philippines by just ourselves, with no family or relatives living there. Ummm yeah - me thinks it's because we were shorter than the rest of the population, they probably assumed we were in our teens (Asa pa!)

And while Jeanie and I are no strangers from travelling abroad, there is just so much to say about this particular trip. A lot of First's. It's the first time we travelled without our usual group of friends (you know, ultra cliquish us always travel with a minimum of 6 posse :)) First time to be upgraded to business class (out of sheer cuteness, me thinks). First time to travel that far off without family in tow (hence paying for meals and tipping becomes major heartbreaks). First time to get a rental and do ala-Amazing Race navigation (can you make a u-turn on a freeway?!?). First time to go surfing, to go lava chasing (ultra fantastic) First time to experience authentic Island culture (and to think we live in the Philippines right!? Wtf! hehe) And first time to call on the law enforser abroad (loooong story.)

Anyways I will be posting pictures and more on our adventure in the days to come (or hours at this rate... still can't freaking sleep!)

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  1. Cool... sounds like you had fun!!!!

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