Thursday, March 19

Couch Potato Series: American Idol down to 10

Last night, the eleven Idol wannabes performed to the tune Dolly Parton would be proud of. It's Country night once again, time to turn those dials down a bit. Hehe. I have never understood the fascination behind country music. And I claimed to be a music lover. Maybe it's purely an American thing. Maybe I just can't fathon yawl-ing for singing. Either way the 11 Idol hopefuls gave it their all.

Short commentary:

Lil Rounds: sang Independence Day - Again something I do not get. The fanfare Lil' Rounds get from the judges. I want her out! NOW!!! She looks older than some of my aunts. Definitely not pop princess/queen material. Sure, she has some chops on her but seriously we all know that Idol is not JUST a singing contest (umm hello Justin Guarini, anyone?) Last I checked from the Eonline polls, Lil Rounds ranks as one of the bottom 3, next to Michael Sarver and Megan Joy. But you bet your a$% those judges will be saving their new judge save power on either this oldie or those other two overrated wannabes Adam or Danny. EWWW

Anoop Desai: Ahh my favorite - sang something I'm familiar with but the title's totally skipping my memory now. He is my Indian eye candy. He just exudes so much personality and a I-don't-really-care-much attitude that I sooo dig. He prolly knows he would not win Idol but that he still has his NCU degree to fall back on. Hope he last until the Top 5 though. Duh! Sanjaya, who was a loooot less talented and definitely not a looker made it past the 7th round, where's the justice in that!

Danny my-wife-died-Gokey: sang Jesus takes the wheel. Ok so he can sing. So he can belt out those high notes. So what! The fiance is giving me a hard time for giving Danny Gokey my stinker eye all the time when watching A.I. Yes I know, the powers to be at A.I. are the ones editing the whole dead wife thing, but seriously, he really is milking everything from that! Plus, A.I. producers have unfairly given him mooooore screen time in previous episodes, forcing this Robert Downey lookalike down our throats. ARGH!!

Spoiler: They eliminated Alexis Grace who sang Jolene. Ah good riddance. I felt a little dirty everytime I hear her say she will "dirty it up" for the judges. She looks barely 12 in red lipstick.

Photocred: AP


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