Wednesday, March 11

Couch Potato Series: The demise of Pushing Daisies

Sigh. I wanted this series to go the distance. I really love all the quirkiness that goes along each episode of Pushing Daisies. But I guess the powers that be at ABC's TV land didn't share my enthusiasm. The show got cancelled last November, but silly me only found time to blog about my Pushing Daisies devotion just now. They are still airing episodes every Tuesdays at ETC 2nd ave, but we all know that after episode 13 it's bye bye time. Sigh. Another one bites the dusts, and to think shows like 7th heaven gets to have a run for more than 6 seasons?! Where's the justice in that! I guess this show will just live on through dvd infamy. I just hope they placed all the un-aired episodes at the DVD special.

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