Saturday, March 7

Hawaiian-scapades Part 3

And finally to round up my top 5 amazing memories of Hawaii.

5. Lava Chasing – Seriously, neither words nor pictures can capture the magnanity of this sight. Lava flowing from a recently erupted Volcano makes the molten rocks all juicy still. It was freaking unbelievable. And definitely worth flying to another island for.

at the Volcanoes National Park

3 days in Oahu, without anyone’s knowledge, we booked a flight to Hilo to go get us some close ups of this awesome place. We were unprepared for the trip, go figure. No umbrellas, this despite Hilo being known as the place where there are the most rainfalls. No sturdy shoes either.

No water. No nothing. But it was definitely something we would do over again. When we got to Hilo, we checked immediately at Alamo if our rental car was available. 

Me and Happy Feet checking out how to get 
to the Volcanoes National Park

our Chevy rental 

We stopped by for some lunch at a local cabin restaurant

Ever saw an episode of Amazing Race where they had to navigate through unknown territories; yeah that’s pretty much what happened to us. Happy Feet made a U-freaking-turn at the freeway; I swear we were just breaking the law left and right. But the pinnacle of our disastrous moments happened when Jean left our rental car keys inside the car, ignition still turned on. Had to call on the law enforser for this one. Tsk tsk.

Jake: Umm, yeah I was wondering if you can help me... You see MY FRIEND left the keys inside the car...
Park Ranger: In a very audible voice... We have another one here.... *sinks lower in embarrassment* hush! don't think they heard you way ooover there at the back)

But law breakingness and disastrous moments aside, it was truly a memorable trip to Hilo. Definitely worth postponing Sky diving for. Imagine being right there at the edge of the Island, with the Pacific sea and wind staring you straight in the eye (hmm sometimes literally blowing the hell out of you)

behind me is the Pacific Ocean already
How apt, after driving 40miles we were able to see the end of the rainbow.

A day after we arrived, the lava flow has reached the ocean

Just find this funny had to take a photo of it at the airport. Because whatdoyouknow, we actually met someone from Homeland Security when we were on the Kilaueau trail. Whew good thing our law breaking ways AT THAT trail was very minimal. 

This apparently is looot harder than it looks

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