Thursday, March 12

Looking Forward: 2009 Highlights

Hmm now that I have more time on my hands, I have decided to channel my energy to something notable but definitely still a million miles to go before reaching Angelina-esque-globe-trotting ways.

1. Learning to drive - ahhh this has been part of all of my major "things to do/accomplish before 20-25-30" lists. I wonder why I keep putting it off. Hmm could it be that the thought of being mutilated to death via a painfully wretched truck ram is just not that appealing? But seriously I need to give driving another try. It sucks to do wedding and house renovating planning without a ride. I can't just wait for my mom to give me one. I'm freaking 26 already! And, yes, don't even get me started on taking the freaking mrt or any sorts of public transportation - heatwave anyone!?!

2. Setting up our business - So the lip service I tell people at work why I quit is that I will be setting up my own tutor center. And while that isn't exactly the juiciest gossip anyone wanted to hear, the truth of the matter is a tutor center is really on the works. And the fiance and I are trying to put it up before this year's June classes begin.

3. Eventscaping - The fiance has been the major backer for this. And while he prolly mistakenly thinks I am slacking off with this long ago plan with friends, he does not know is that I actually already have printed calling cards for this one. Take that fiance! Hee. Now all I need are lazy folks who do not know the difference between a 2000 and 4000 lumens screen.

4. More blogging. More writing - Something I would totally do for free, and have been doing so for awhile now. But not to brag or anything... (ooh, or maybe I am! :) hehe) I actually had pieces published on Philippine Star and Inquirer once upon a time. Got paid really lousy money for that but heck definitely gave the ego a massage while it lasted. My plan for this year is to join yet another stupid writing gig and hope to score some by lines at least :)

5. Travelling with the buddies - This year I have seen parts of Western Visayas (Dumaguete and Siquijor) and have finally made it states-side (if only to get my visa stamped) Hoping that as the months ensue there will be more trips ahead. Looking forward to the Boracay trip with the COTs this May. So far that's the only one in the works... Hmm wonder if it's time to start rallying the other bum-ers like me.

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