Tuesday, March 17

Looking Forward: More Summer Getaway

Summer is definitely here. A few days ago, blogged that one of the MUST-DO this year is to continue on with the traveling. Started the year just right with a couple of out of towns and country trips and now that summer is approaching I can't wait to get on my bikini once again and hit the beach.

April 26 - 30 : Trip to Sorsogon with the gang. Whale watching/swimming. I am excited. By this time next year half of the gang will either be engaged or married so we really need this to be the last big wild hoorah for the single folks! (yours truly included!)

May 8 - 13 : Boracay Trip with the COT and consequently fiance and his friends. Some of my friends from work have longed planned to attend the Nestea Beach Volley at Boracay and what better time than now. I'm just so happy I found out that the fiance and his friends are also going on those same dates. Woopie! More r&r for me and the future hubby then!

Yey! I'm going to be broke after this!


  1. hey sorry. but although i'm 75% chinese i really cant understand chinese hehe

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