Sunday, August 24

Birthdays, Bubbles and everything in Between

Growing up, my parents threw me birthday parties in our backyard. And i always thought they were a blast! There was the usual trip to Jerusalem games, balloons, palayoks, and of course the pabitins! Fast forward more than a decade later to today and i'll get invited by dear fiance' family to his relative's 1st birthday party. I swear, if this is how kids celebrate birthdays nowadays, i don't think i will be having mini-me's and mini-fiance's until we've tapped into Bill Gates' bank account.

I seriously enjoyed the kiddie party. Probably more so than the celebrant, who i'm sure had no idea what the hell was going on. Even if i was too old to join the games, there was the cool bubble show afterwards for us to love (hey don't laugh - they featured that bubble guy/show in GMA's morning show) PLUS who wouldn't enjoy a party when it had its very own Starbucks, Jimini Pizza, Candy Corner, Buy a Bucket and Ice cream stand, this on top of the feast they served per table. Ooooh and did i mention, there was also a caricature making, face painting, and photo booths available for the guests to try. I made dear fiance take a photo with me and try to visit the other 'booths', too bad that we didn't make it in time for the caricature booth. Sigh. After this dear fiance and i would be heading to Timezone (hey even if we're over-aged we still need some game time)

Location: Gloria Mariz

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  1. Wow... That's a birthday party I'll probably never have....

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