Saturday, August 9

2008 Beijing Olympics - Opening Ceremony

Veering away from the norm, there are no sarcastic comments on this post. That's what happens when you are faced with pure awesomeness. Even the archer lighting cauldron back in 1992 Barcelona Olympics couldn't eclipsed the spectacle that was unveiled last night.

10,000 drummers, all moving in unison. When the lights dimmed down, glow in the dark red sticks will gracefully light up the scene

giant foot print shaped fireworks marched from outside the bird's nest all the way to the olympic stadium

from the top, it seemed like tiles of mahjong, moving like powerful waves in the sea. But those blocks of chinese characters are actually people underneath

Taiji performance. This was unbelievable. Running at full speed all of the Tiaji performers run from one side of the stadium to the other and still managed to form a perfect symmetry.
It was said that 9000 out of the 14000 performers were "on loan" from the People's Liberation Army. No doubt that helped with all the precision. :)

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