Friday, August 15

Lunch Break Must-Do List

Over our lunch break, my offcemate and I decided to first raid the on-going Urban Bazaar before satisfying and gastronomical cravings we might have. The verdict: Ho Hum...AND can I just say that the 100 pesos entrance fee is such a downer for bazaar goers, especially upon the realization that there are many exhibitors inside who have stores in Power Plant. Ok, a few hundred bucks in discount is not bad, but but you go to the bazaar's to find unique ultra chic items not your usual mainstream mall fair.

I wasn't so happy with this year's selections. A lot of the stores had an Illaya-feel to them. And if not those kind of designs, you get a hodge podge of leather bags/casing/anything goes items. I don’t know maybe it's just me…but I find the idea of trying on clothes in the claustrophobic make-shift fitting rooms in bazaars unappealling. So I was left with my last recourse which is to scout for rare accessories. And whatdoyouknow… I would find a terno for my beloved vintage earrings (this is the only piece from my lola that I have and absolutely love)

This is what I got at the bazaar. I love the fact that its in black. White pearls are soooooo common. I'm loving the detailing in the clasp. And as you can see it is perfect for my vintage-y earrings.

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  1. It looks like those things Romans use to pin their clothes to them... so they won't loosen and fall off - that would be weird - A Caesar walking on his estate than puff, his clothes slip... Ehem...

    Nice piece, though....

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