Friday, August 15

Surprise Party

Organizing an event in barely two days notice is a daunting task. But when you have a group opf highly trained professionals (a.k.a. utusans) to handle all the nitty gritty details (such as buying the cakes, balloons, get the point) then less than 24 hours of preparation can actually spell into a fantabulous party. I just got back from the "surprise" birthday dinner we threw for two of our teammates. From the looks of their faces, I must say they appreciated all the efforts that went into organizing the event.

Showing the pictures during the pre-event...

When you enter, the first thing that will greet you are oversized "magazine" covers of the celebrants..."SURPRISE!!"

Birthday cake from Estrel's

Table setting

Buffet Setting - Darn it still no food!

I love events planning! Even the smallest details such as putting four floating candles per table instead of just one to the pleats of the table cloth for the cake counter - these are not missed out. There's just something about the whole thing that thrills me to no end. Hmmm must find a way to get paid gazillions of moolahs from doing stuff like this!

Location: Palm Grove Rockwell Club

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  1. You could and should be an event planner - make a private firm and earn money doing what u do best and what you want to do best - it's better than what you describe as your boredom during the meetings - do what you love!!!!

    Or stick w/ what you do. Ur choice....

    Visit the clash of the bloggers,!!!!