Saturday, August 23

Must Try: Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino

Ok, blaming my poor almost-fried-monotonous taste pallette, but i have just been able to discover this place today over lunch. Together with "expert" eaters, i went to Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino to try out some new menus for our product. While i love that i get to go on food tripping every now and then, this whole taste testing event is starting to weigh heavily on my stubbornly-primitive- preferences when it comes to food (piniritong manok will do). I had already said no to two of the first batch of dishes being offered hence i was afraid that anymore attempts to decline unnaturally prepared food being served would result to some serious ass whooping.

And so i tried something i swore to myself and to all my dead relatives -i would never unholy un-brown-y desserts. If you are my friend then you know how i suffer from a serious mental illness, an OCD when it comes to eating. The heart wants to..but the mind has always been weak. I could not for the life of me process a dessert that doesn't have a predominantly brown shade.
With gag-reflex in check, finally gave in. Probably scared i was going to be voted off the island if i said no one more time. First ever in my 26 years of existence i was able to taste unnatural looking dessert (well, IMHO), it's called - Coconut Panna Cota Rice Cake with Mango drizzled with Latik. Verdict: TO-DIE-FOR! absolutely worth having to re-adjust mindset about proper dessert colorings.
Temporary OCD cure aside, what we came there to taste was the foei gras with the adobo overload. Not such a fan (again maybe uber-unsophisticated taste pallette is to blame? perhaps!) but i heard it was the best seller of the house. The kangkong sprinkles were yummy though...felt a tinge of milky taste to it.

This had a better presentation when the dish was served to us :)

Chef Laudico was kind enough to offer the Ubod Spring Roll on the house. It pays to have another chef in your posse. This one i love! Tasted just like your regular lumpiang ubod except it has more shrimp in it but hands down the vinegar sauce was the one that sealed the deal. (For the uncultured swines like me, the "sauce" is actually referred to as Spicy Sinamak Sorbet)

Bistro Filipino is the perfect date place. The interiors are draped with lovely curtains --- no worries though, the entire atmosphere doesn't scream romance. Just some semblance of elegance. And if you're lucky enough to be seated in the middle, when you glance up, you'll find a lovely medieval-like chandelier in place. Make sure you have cash to burn though, dinner for two here could set you back Php2000 bucks at the very least. Worth it though. Most Definitely.

Located at Ground Floor Net2 Ericsson Bldg 3rd Ave, Bonifacio Global City Contact Info: (02)856-0634 Photo creds: our awesome planet
(unfortunately i didn't want to appear any more naive hence i didn't whip out the cam phone and started directing my own food shots. so this should do for now until my return with Manongski)

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