Monday, August 25

I Spy with my Eyes

Lazy Monday attire. Went to get a relaxing massage along Wilson St with dear fiance. Also on the list of to-do for the day was to order some scandalous cake for Tong's bachelorette's party, i wonder why i was assigned this task. *horrors* Oh well being a good sport, off to Kink Cakes after my massage.

Outfit: Dress: From achi's closet / Top: white sando by Kamiseta / Bag: LV / Accessories: Vintage black pearl necklace with matching bracelet / Sandals: Hdy shoes


  1. i hereby nominate you president of SC club! :p

  2. hahahaha - posting about self with matching attire shot...what's so SC about that?! haha

  3. that dress is hot! hahaha

  4. Wow, such a busy bud.

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